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How to Install a SIM Card

  1. Verify that your phone is powered off. You don’t want to mess with the SIM card while your phone is on.
  2. Look for and identify the SIM card tray. This can be on the top, side, or bottom of your phone. If you have a case on, you will want to take it off. The SIM card tray has a small hole in it which is used to pop the tray out.
  3. Insert the pointed end of the SIM ejection tool into the tiny hole located next to the SIM card tray. You should see an ejection tool on the Save Mobile mailer you got with your SIM card from us.
    1. If you don’t have a SIM card removal tool, it’s safe to improvise with a paper clip, earring, or anything else that fits in the hole. Just remember to push straight in and not pry!
    2. Some trays could be located next to microphone holes. If that’s the case for you, the hole you’re looking for is really close to the tray (it could also be included in the tray outline). Pushing the tool (or paperclip) in should pop the tray out.
  4. Pull the SIM card tray out of the phone. Make a note of how the SIM card tray fits into the slot by checking the direction of the hole. This will be helpful later when you’re reinserting the SIM tray.
  5. This step is important. Set your SIM card into the tray with either the logo or gold chip size up. Note that the SIM card tray has a small notch in one of the corners, and the card will only fit one way.
    1. On newer smartphones, the tray may have more than one slot. The smaller slot is for a Nano SIM, and the larger slot is for a Micro SD card (to expand data storage).
    2. Some trays may even have two Nano SIM slots for two phone numbers. If you only have one SIM, use the SIM 1 slot.
    3. If your SIM card overlaps the outlined shape, or falls through the hole, you must adjust your 3-in-1 SIM kit to fit with the proper plastic adapter.
  6. Push the SIM card tray gently back into your phone until it clicks firmly into place. The tray should slide back into your phone without resistance. If there is resistance, you may have inserted the SIM card incorrectly or are trying to insert the tray in upside down or backwards. Remove the tray, fix your SIM (if it isn’t lying flat) and try again. Once the tray is completely in your phone, your SIM card will now be installed and ready for use in your device.
  7. Power your phone back on. You are done! You have successfully installed your Save Mobile SIM card.
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