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Saving Money In A Recession

5 Easy Ways to Cut Costs in a Recession

Life is expensive! Throw a global recession and some serious inflation into the mix, and things get even more challenging. With a growing number of Americans taking a hit to their wallet and continuing to come up short on their monthly budgets, finding ways to cut costs has never been more important. But downsizing your expenses doesn’t mean you have to stop living well. Here are five doable ideas from grocery delivery to cheap wireless service that will help you to scale down your spending without sacrificing your quality of life.


1. Have Your Groceries Delivered

This one might seem counterintuitive at first, but hear me out. Yes, some grocery delivery services charge a service fee, but by ordering your things in advance, you’ll save yourself from surpassing your budget on impulse purchases. You can also find plenty of grocers who allow you to order in advance and enjoy free drive-up services. It’s a clever way to save money while actually making your life a little more convenient.


2. Unplug What You’re Not Using

Did you know that your phone charger keeps sucking energy, even when your phone isn’t actually connected to it? Simply getting into the habit of unplugging appliances and electronics that aren’t in use can reduce your utility bill without requiring you to become the energy police.


3. Buy Pre-Owned Stuff

We’re fortunate to live in an age when we’ve got so much connectivity and access to the things we need. With sites like OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist, it’s incredibly easy to find appliances, furniture, toys, holiday decorations, and just about anything you’re looking for. Most of the time, this stuff is in primo condition and available at a fraction of the original cost. As an added bonus, buying used means less packaging and less waste.


4. Entertain at Home

After a couple of years of social distancing, people are ready to get together and have fun. With inflation, though, hitting restaurants, bars, and concerts can get really expensive really fast. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time with your friends, though! Instead, have people over for movie nights, game nights, wine tastings, and Karaoke parties. You could even host events where you learn how to do things like paint and apply acrylic nails or how to cook a gourmet meal. It’s a lot of fun to acquire a new skill with your pals, and picking up a new talent could help you cut costs even further.


5. Ditch Your Old Phone Plan

There’s no getting around the need for reliable cell service, but if you’re spending more than $20 a month, you’re overpaying. According to a CNBC study, the average American phone bill in 2022 is $114 a month. The Save Mobile plan is $94 cheaper, and we’re willing to bet that there are a lot better things you could be spending that money on.


Just because we’re stuck in the middle of a recession doesn’t mean you have to hang out on the struggle bus. Talk to us about how you can upgrade to amazing, hassle-free, cheap wireless service for only $20 a month.  

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